Domestic Developments

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  • Renovation to existing 2 storey federation style house and granny flat on 5 acres as well as construction of a new entertaining area complete with theatre room, sauna, state of the art kitchen and bar, tennis court, as well as a 220,000L pool ($1.3 million).




  • Five two-storey town houses ($900,000).

  • Dual Occupancy Construction of a townhouse at the rear of an existing house. The existing house was renovated ($300,000).

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  • 80sq house to lock-up. Five car garage and storage area located under the house ($473,000)
  • Conversion of a 2 bedroom cottage into a 4 bedroom house ($250,000)
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  • Duplex to lock-up. Domestic development ($170,000).
  • Extensions to two houses
  • Various small alterations such as decks and renovations.